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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rise Up Christian Europe

 (Image Skynews.com: the body of 3/ 4 year child refugee washes up on a beach in Turkey)

Peoples of Europe:  which one of us can continue to sit in our safe homes and view the horrendous suffering of humanity that is displayed minute by minute on TV and in newspapers?

 Now is the time to stand up and be counted.  Christian peoples of Europe, rise up and live your faith and show charity.  Open your borders to the helpless.  When the people of Europe needed help, charity and asylum, it was offered to them by many countries who welcomed them.  It is now our turn to help the unfortunate, to show charity to these innocent victims of war and destruction.  We cannot leave these humanitarian decisions to Godless governments enacting Godless laws.  Let us all stand up and share what we have, be it little or great.  Let us all stand as Christians and put an end to this overwhelming misery, and show the true meaning of Christian charity.   

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